About Us

fastK1.com’s mission is to be a world-class immigration service provider dedicated to uncompromising integrity and quality by adhering to its values.

Legal Team

Dennis P. Ramm

Managing Partner

Dennis P. Ramm serves as Senior Legal Advisor and Managing Partner of Siam International Legal Group which is the largest legal service network in Southeast Asia. He is a graduate of Washington State University with a bachelor degree in Criminal Justice and attended law school at the University of Washington. He has 18 years of legal and law enforcement experience with assignments as Police Sergeant, Legal & Policy Advisor and criminal law instructor with Seattle Police Department. In addition, he writes for numerous publications throughout Southeast Asia on legal topics such as property issues and immigration law. He resides in Thailand and leads a legal team of 25 personnel in the Bangkok office.


Be a world-class legal and immigration service provider dedicated to uncompromising integrity and quality by adhering to our values.


  • Integrity: Hold us to the highest ethical standards.
  • Listening: Listen to understand client needs.
  • Responsiveness: Keep clients informed and respond in timely manner.
  • Relationships: Help our clients achieve their goals by becoming part of their team.
  • Innovation: Seek to exceed client expectations.
  • Value: Cost-effective work targeted to client needs continuous improvement.
  • Quality: Achieve a high standard of quality through continuous improvement.
  • Skills: Expand our professional knowledge, judgment and skills.
  • Tools: Pursue leading-edge technology, resources and facilities.


  • Communication: Effectively exchange information to achieve common goals.
  • Collaboration: Actively engage in participatory decision – making.
  • One Firm: Operate as an integrated firm through teamwork among individuals, departments and offices Rewarding Work Environment.
  • People: Attract and retain the most qualified and highly motivated individuals.
  • Respect: Promote a culture of mutual respect, diversity and creativity.
  • Growth: Create opportunities for balanced professional and personal growth.
  • Recognition: Provide attractive, competitive, compensation and recognize and reward outstanding performance.