U.S. K1 Fiancee Visa Application Process

K1 Fiance Visa applications are complex and the rules are strictly enforced. Approval is far more likely when you enlist experienced legal assistance from a multi-national legal firm – currently we achieve 100% success rate!


To begin the process of receiving a K-1 visa

  1. The sponsor completes and submits Form I-129F to request a K-1 visa for the fiance.
  2. After 30 to 90 days, this petition is approved. Notification of this approval is sent to the US consulate in the fiance’s country of residence.
  3. The U.S. Consulate sends an application packet to the fiance.
  4. The fiance completes the application and sends it to the consulate.
  5. In compliance with the instructions in the packet, the fiance undergoes a medical examination from a consulate-approved doctor.
  6. The US Consulate schedules an interview with the fiance. This interview usually occurs 2 to 4 months after the consulate receives the completed application packet for the K1 Visa. Health is an important issue, and the fiancee must bring the medical examination results to the interview, along with any supporting documents that the consulate requested.
  7. If the application is approved, then the fiance will receive the K-1 visa during or after the interview.
  8. The fiance must arrive in the US within 6 months after receiving the K-1 visa.


After your fiance arrives in the USA

  1. The sponsor and the fiance must marry each other within 90 days of the fiance’s arrival in the U.S. during or after the wedding, the sponsor and fiance receive a marriage certificate.
  2. Before the K-1 visa expires, the fiance must submit Form I-485. This application requests a Green Card.
  3. The Green Card process might require up to 2 years. The fiance must also submit Form I-765 to request authorization for employment.
  4. While the Green Card application is pending, the fiance must receive prior authorization prior to any trips outside the U.S.
  5. When the Green Card application is approved, the fiance will receive a Conditional Green Card. This condition on the status must be removed within the 90 day window, just prior to the 2 year anniversary of filing for the adjustment of status. If you are ‘adjusted’ greater than 2 years after you were married you should receive a normal 10 year green card.