U.S. K-2 Visa Application

K-2 Visa applications are complex and the rules are strictly enforced. Approval is far more likely when you enlist experienced legal assistance from a multi-national legal firm – currently we achieve 100% success rate!

Children of Fiancee

The K-2 non-immigrant visa allows a child of your Fiance to enter into the U.S. and await the availability of an immigrant visa. K-1 children may stay in the U.S. on K-2 visa for a maximum period of 90 days from the date of entry. If you and your Fiance do not marry within 90 days, K-1 children must depart the U.S. together with your Fiance.

The applicant must be the unmarried child under 21 of a person who qualifies for the K-1.

K2 Visa Benefits

  • The visa will be approved at the same time as the K-1 visa
  • No need for a separate I-129F application
  • The K-2 visa holder is allowed to study in the U.S.
  • Reside in the U.S. with the parent while waiting for the marriage
  • Cheaper and faster processing compared to I-130 petition

Documents needed for K-2 visa

  • Valid passport (not needed if child is under 16)
  • Non-immigrant Visa Application (Form DS-156), in duplicate with two recent color photographs
  • Official birth certificate
  • Permission to travel from other parent
  • Complete medical examination report